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Welcome to shiny new yumyar. At the moment we have a mighty three games on our list for you to dive into, or at least paddle in. The aim is to make addicting online games that test your wits whilst being good fun to play for free - not just decapitating zombies. All our games are exclusive, so you won't find them anywhere else. Have a look around, have fun.

Our new puzzle games...

Broke Trader

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Can you beat the stock market? Would you read the news? Would you work in a structually unstable office?

Start trading


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Can you crack the ultra high security four colour code? Try your wits against the classic puzzle game.

Start guessing

Noughts and Crosses

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Think you can beat the computer? You're wrong, it's impossible.

See how far you get against the computer until it becomes unbeatable. Don't believe us? Play it for yourself.

Start trying to win


Some parts or are under construction, as illustrated by this natty hammer.

The site was launched on New Year's day this year, and development is ongoing. If you spot something that doesn't work, we're probably working on it.

We always have more unusual and challenging games on the go, so make sure you visit again to play our new games. Think good games, think yumyar.

Free online games - Puzzle games, Addicting games, exclusive and unusual games to play for free. Stock market games, Impossible Noughts and Crosses, code games, and more new games for free to play.

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